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Slow Print RIP. The entire shop has been liquidated as of October 2016. We're happy to refer you to another highly qualified printer, please contact us.

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Our new mission

Julian Waters "Letters are Symbols... I" Limited Edition Letterpress Printed by Peter Fraterdeus (SlowPrint Letterpress) 2016

Vladimir Fokanov "Arcadian Stories I" Limited Edition Letterpress Printed by Peter Fraterdeus (SlowPrint Letterpress) 2014

SlowPrint is no longer accepting day-to-day job work. We are committed to producing the highest quality fine-art letterpress. Working with world class artists and designers, we produce limited editions, and collateral materials. We also offer workshops and seminars through 

We will continue to work with select designers and clients on projects appropriate to our specialized focus. If you are a returning business card client, we are happy to work with you! If we're unable to take your work due to other projects, we will recommend one of our letterpress colleagues. 

Offering hairline registration, complex multiple color work, handmade European and Oriental papers.

ATypI São Paulo 2015 Woodtype

Banner/Flag on Handmade Unryushi, Wood and foundry type, hand-inked monoprint series 2015 . The woodtype was printed in two runs to correct letterspacing

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