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Zen of Letterpress Cards

SlowPrint's Zen of Letterpress Business Cards (matte-black on soft-white) 1000 for $219, and 3000 cards (up to six different layouts or names) now for $549. Reseller & Designer friendly! Special Letterpress templates for Lawyers! (#4 and #9-12). SlowPrint is recommended by Matthew Butterick's Typography for Lawyers.

Announcing SlowPrint's Zen of Letterpress™ business card templates designed by SlowPrint founder and Director of Typography, Peter Fraterdeus. Featuring elegant matte-black ink on Strathmore's top-end 110# Soft White stock, our Zen cards provide a high-touch, refined professional and personal statement.  You can download the high-res PDF version of this sheet by clicking on the template image!

SlowPrint is recommended by Matthew Butterick in his best-selling book, Typography for Lawyers. By special arrangement, we are offering cards based on Matthew's templates, as well as our own templates. Download the TFL template

If you're interested in the finest possible business cards, consider using our rich double-thick Crane Lettra 220# or our top-shelf Savoy 236#. Price estimates for these and other options are available on our Estimator.

Please see our Terms and Conditions following the order form. Please read the whole page for important info! We do not give refunds on Zen of Letterpress or TFL Orders!

How many cards do you want?


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Notes and Special Requests

Terms and Conditions for Zen of Letterpress Cards

All of our standard Trade Terms and Policies apply. 

These cards are printed with our absolute commitment to the highest craftsmanship and perfect impression, using the finest matte-black letterpress ink on Strathmore's top-end cover stock. And this isn't just "plop in your info and push print"! Every card is visually designed with our Typographic Finesse and corrected with precise attention to the letterspacing, kerning and composition throughout the design.

Zen of Letterpress and TFL cards are printed on soft-white stock, not bright or fluorescent white stock. This is the only stock offered for the Zen of Letterpress and TFL cards. For other paper options, ink colors, etc., please see the Exquisite Business Cards Estimator!

Note that letterpress black ink on white paper does not create a solid carbon black density. The appearance of type is quite black, but elements larger than basic text or line art will appear more or less dense. Certain template designs require a double-impression for solid coverage. If you need a more solid black for larger type or graphic elements, there's a $75 charge for this service, which is still limited in capacity.

If you need the cards faster, or to use different colors, or different stock, of course, check out our Letterpress Business Card Estimator to develop your own quote with different paper options and ink colors, for one- or two-sided business cards.

Please double-check your address, email, phone number etc. By placing your order you affirm that you have read and agreed to our Trade Terms and Conditions, and the FAQ for Zen of Letterpress Business Card orders! 

All orders add $15 Shipping & Handling via USPS Priority Mail (US only). For FedEx, international shipping, or other delivery, please contact us after placing your order.*

Designers: use your own design if you like! (some restrictions apply)

  • Office Bundle: Up to six names (1, 2, 3 or 6)  in the 3000 card order; 1, 2 or 4 names in 2000 card order; 1 or 2 names in 1000 card order.
  • Reseller friendly. Zen Black ink, but choose any of our house 110# stocks (Lettra, Strathmore Soft White, Legion Bamboo) for 3000 card order
  • Add a second or third color for $105 each on 3000 card order
  • To use your own design, please submit a finished PDF in black & white only, with ALL FONTS CONVERTED TO PATHS.
  • THAT MEANS 100% BLACK INK ONLY. NO GRAY VALUES, NO PHOTOS, NO PHOTOSHOP, PRINTSHOP PRO, OR WORD FILES. Any image must be ONE-BIT TIFF FILE (NO GRAY, NO 8-BIT). We're happy to help, but IF ANY CHANGES ARE REQUIRED to make your design work, a $75 Design Charge will apply. NO CANCELLATIONS OR REFUNDS! 

Note that no design changes to our templates are included in our standard pricing unless there are specific problems related to the text. We apply our best typographic practice to the templates, given the text that you provide. Any other design changes to templates (size, placement, swapping in user-provided graphic elements, etc.) are billed as customizations with a $75 minimum Design Charge.  The Design Charge also applies to templates #2 "Digitized Wood Type" and #6 "Federal Initials" due to the additional set-up required for those designs. The heading in template #2 is limited to 15-17 letters, and #6 to two characters only.

We will send a PDF proof of your card for approval before going to press. We will print the cards as shown unless we hear from you within 24 hours. 


Please Contact Us if you have questions! 

* Shipping and Handling via USPS Priority Mail (US shipping only). International shipping costs average $35-75 for USPS International Priority Mail. Customs charges, tariffs, duties, taxes (including VAT) and any other fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

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