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Praise for SlowPrint

by Peter Fraterdeus last modified 2012-10-11 18:48

We're extremely honored to have received very kind words about our work from all corners of the design world. While we strive for modesty, we also recognize that economic survival requires a bit of banging on one's own drum from time to time. So in gratitude for the generosity of our clients and colleagues, we thought we'd share some of these...



“Peter is a letterpress preservationist, cultural preservationist, and is committed to creating exquisite work. He does not miss a beat. SlowPrint is a movement that is his life's work and it shows in every nuance of his creations. Everyone needs more letterpress. Everyone needs more Peter.”

Paula Neuhaus, Program Specialist/Events & Promotion, Dubuque Main Street


“Peter runs the old press for contemporary clients. Beautiful work, a pleasure to work with.”

Erik Van Blokland, Letterror, The Hague, The Netherlands


“Peter is an expert letterpress printer who does faultless, crisp, elegant work.”

Mark Batty (client) - Mark Batty Publishers, New York


“When we needed custom cards printed this year - there was no doubt that we would go for Peter Fraterdeus and SlowPrint. The examples he has sent me before are amazingly cool. - I also prefer doing business with Peter since he is a wonderful, likable guy with *values*. His kind don't grow on trees.”

Geir Bækholt, Jarn, Tønsberg, Norway (client)

"I met Peter via Association Typographique Internationale, years ago. But I was already very impressed by his skills in various areas, from calligraphy to typeface design. As printer, Peter, with the great background gained over the years and natural skills in graphic arts, produced very high quality printing, but with this touch that only rare persons have, because of their knowledge. I recommend him!"

Jean Francois Porchez, Porchez Typefoundry, Paris



“I give my highest recommendation to Peter Fraterdeus, (Slow Print Studio), for this reason; he has a clear understanding of what matters in printing beautiful work. He understands that what matters is everything! It is refreshing to see someone who has the passion to treat every detail as an opportunity to show how much he cares.”

Gregory Corrigan, Technical Director, Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum


Slow Print Business Cards
Printed in four colors on two different stocks: Strathmore Writing Wove 110# Cover and Hahnemuhle Copperplate Etching 300gsm

“I've used Peter's studio for both letterpress business and greeting cards with wonderful results. He provided top of the line service and was able to deliver before a rush deadline that no other traditional printer would consider. It was not uncommon to receive replies to emails well into the night even on initial consultations. His printing expertise was evident both in the consultation process and the finished results. I'll certainly use his services again and can't speak highly enough of the level of quality or service he provides.”

Daniel Siders (client)

“Peter provides a unique business service. I am using the word "unique" to its full value here: Peter's service provides uniqueness in a corporate environment, which is currently inundated with "sameness." All current trends point to small, subtle factors as being key differentiators in the current atmosphere. This is new for many US businesses, but the standard for Asia, for example. Peter will provide you with something unique, and something that will speak. The product will be clean and clear and of a quality grade that you would be improbable from "business card" suppliers. I am suggesting that there has not been a quality of service at Peter's level heretofore, in business card creation.”

Kameron Cole (client)


“After 23 years in the printing business I have seen press speed increase exponentially with fewer human beings involved in the process. Peter Fraterdeus is a refreshing antidote to the dehumanization of the printing process. He offers the gift of touch and intent to his art and the difference is obvious. Like the difference between organic and factory food, the holistic nature of the process effects the value of the end product. Try his business cards to start with and observe the increased confidence conveyed when you hand one to a client. Gene Tully, President Gene Tully Offering Envelope Service”

Gene Tully, Owner, Gene Tully Offering Envelope Service


“Peter's skills, knowledge, and experience run the gamut, creative to technical; concept, design and production. He pays obsessive attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind. I have personally had the pleasure of his assistance in everything from fine printing to Apache server administration. He is a peerless professional... and a nice guy.”

John Friedman, Dir. of Programming, Innovations for Learning


“Peter is a consummate craftsman in all areas of his practice, with a global perspective on typography, letterpress printing and digital design. I depend on him for a steady hand, a nimble mind, and a generous outlook in all things."

Kate Friedman (client)


“Peter is first and foremost a craftsman - a specialist and expert at his art. In a nanosecond world with a googol of messages vying for your attention, Peter will help make your work and/or your company get noticed. I highly recommend his letterpress work for unique corporate identity packages, sophisticated graphic design projects, or limited edition art prints. He also plays a mean fiddle.”

Rebecca Hargrave Malamud (client)

Erin&Dali - cover
Folded 'self-mailer'

“Peter produced exceptional, affordable, artisan-quality, business cards for me which truly demonstrate his knowledge of materials, impeccable attention to quality and honed sense of printing as a craft. I am delighted to present people I meet with one of Peter's cards because they convey a sense of integrity through their straightforward, classic design.”

Paul Friedman (client)


“My elegant business cards from SlowPrint convey a powerful message: that my professional services are high quality, well-designed, and unique, just like my business cards. Thank you Peter for working with me to produce just the right card and delivered right on time.”

Belinda Gore


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