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Contact Us! Request a Quote or Information

by peterf last modified 2014-05-03 01:10

We love getting email with questions about fine printing and design!

We will need to know a few important things to be able to serve your needs...

We will be very happy to provide information about our Master Classes. Please use this form for inquiries.

If you are looking for an estimate on wedding or event invitations, please see our Wedding Quote Request form!

To order the Exquisite Paper Sampler, please see the Exquisite Paper Sampler Order Form.

Please use the Exquisite Business Cards estimator to get a quote for letterpress business cards!

For other projects, or general questions, please use the form below!

Please choose a general tag for your message, this helps us keep things in the right cubbyhole!
If you are requesting a quote, please provide some information about your project, so we can respond appropriately!
If possible, please provide an idea of the number of pieces you will need.
Typically, minimum of 500 for business cards , 100 for larger pieces. The price per piece drops substantially with larger orders!
Seeing your design, or even a rough draft, helps enormously in producing an accurate estimate!
Please give us a hint regarding your plans!
It's really helpful (and fun!) for us to have an idea of where people find us...
Contact Details
Please see the Exquisite Letterpress Sampler page to order our print and paper sample set.
See our privacy policy: we don't share any personal data!
Thanks for your interest in Slow Print!
Please include country code!

By submitting this form, you agree to receive email from us.

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