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What are the best practices for art production?

Production files must be sent as PDF files, or in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign format. Make sure that all colors are “Spot Colors” (no CMYK, RGB, HEX values or tint percentages), using PANTONE’s Solid Uncoated color library.

Images must be submitted either as Vector art (preferably), or bitmap TIF files at 100% size, with a resolution of at least 800 dpi. Images must be 100% black ink only. No grey values, 8-bit TIFs, JPGs, photos, etc. No "Transparency" - Full 100% Opacity only (use a lighter tint instead of transparency, which, of course will add another color to the job).

Convert all fonts to Paths/Outlines in Adobe Illustrator, or make sure fonts are fully embedded/editable in the file. Export your design using "Save as PDF" or "Print to PDF" embedding all fonts, if they aren't converted to paths. 

Exception: If you want us to print halftones, please contact us for specific instructions and makeready fees due to the additional setup work required. See the Photos FAQ, below. 

We're happy to help, but if any changes are required to make your design work, we will impose a minimum $75 Design Charge.

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