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What about bleeds, trimming, borders, tight cropping, square cutting?

A design "bleeds" when it is printed across the trim, so that there is ink right up to the edge of the piece. We can accommodate bleeds in many cases, but it's always important to check with us before finalizing the design. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee perfect equivalence on sided borders. There are inevitable variations in the printing process which make tight control over thin line borders nearly impossible. Good design will always provide at least 1/4 - 3/8 inch of white space around the edge of the piece, and avoid bleeds or designs which are intended to create borders of exactly matching widths around the final piece.

We are very careful with our Challenge paper cutters, but we do not guarantee absolute perfect squareness or perfect cropping. We're using equipment that is between 50 and 150 years old, and we do not have lasers or computer controlled cutters!

We will attempt to flag any potential problem elements in your design prior to printing, but we do not accept liability or responsibility for doing so.

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