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Can you print photos & graphic gradients?

While we can do photographic and gradients on the letterpress, it requires a rather coarse halftone screen, and only works well on coated smooth commercial stock. We recommend that any 'continuous' tone images be printed by offset litho or digital printing, after which we can do letterpress imprinting on the same sheet. An offset press uses halftones, but can apply a much finer screen. Digital four-color offset is also available.

Of course, if you know the effect of halftone on uncoated paper and you're looking for just that effect, we're happy to print it for you. However, your art must be pre-screened (typically in Photoshop) and saved as a 1-bit (B&W) TIFF — NOT A JPEG! Please see our Art Production FAQ, above, for submission requirements.

Communication is the key, so talk to us, and we'll try to get what you're looking for! In all cases, our standard disclaimers will apply!

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