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Can I get a proof?

For designs that we either produce or customize from our templates, we will always send you an electronic proof as a PDF file, which you must either approve or reject with comments.

If you provide the finished art, you have already checked the spelling and placement of all the elements, and we do not change any of the elements in the art. Thus your "proof" is already in your hands!

We do not provide a printed proof of any job before our production run, since that would require actually printing the job. Letterpress is not a 'one-button' operation!

If absolutely required as part of the job, we can incorporate actual press proofs into the budget, but that will easily double (or more) the final cost of the project. Indeed, while we aspire to the best quality and consistency in our work, due to the nature of the medium, we do not guarantee that ink color or coverage will be exactly the same from one run to the next. Proofing, when appropriate, can help the designer and client make informed decisions about the finished product, within the parameters of craft practice.

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